Be The One

Have you seen the popular elevator experiment? If not, watch the original experiment or the Would You Fall For That version before continuing.

What do you think you’d do in that situation? Okay, now what would really do?
Conformity is an interesting behavior. It’s when we humans act in accordance with socially accepted standards, for example, facing away from the elevator doors because the majority decided upon it. Conformity is not necessarily good nor bad, but it is a powerful influence in society, which leads me to this: initially, one person had to be the odd one out before others followed to construct the norms that exist in your life today. 

People often have the desire to change the world, but they struggle with applying this desire because of the thought, “I am just one person.” But if it only took one person and then two and then three and four and five to change how people behave, then it is possible for you to be that one.

People tend to conform more strongly to others who are in the same group as them. Think about your groups: your friends, family, organizations. Think about the change you can create within those groups. Make this your next step. Because you can do something.

Be the one.

Be the change.

-Urvi P.


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