It Begins with Changing Yourself

Many may find themselves questioning, how do we make changes in the world? Gandhi would say, “change yourself first”.  Gandhi’s statement may be slighting off-putting because how could your personal self need changing?  We all need to change in one way or another.  Monumental changes in the world will come once minor changes are made in your thinking then eventually feeling and then your overall actions.  So you must be the change you want to see in the world.

Part of the changes made in your life can begin with forgiving and letting go.  By forgiving you are letting go of the bitterness and evilness in your soul and creating a space for more love.  By forgiving and letting go you will be able to offer a world of great service.  Most importantly, by not forgiving and letting go you are letting those people from your past
control your future.  By forgiving you will cut ties with the bad blood and can focus totally on being your best self.


While you are still changing yourself you need to remember to take care of yourself in this moment.  Do not get lost in the jungle of your life, you cannot forget about the present.  By changing the present you are inherently changing your future for the better.  In order to better your future, you need to better your present self.

Understand that everyone is human.  You are human.  People make mistakes.  We are capable of error, many errors.  Having high expectations for the people around you can create more unnecessary drama in your world and negatively within you.  Understanding that everyone is human will help in your process of changing yourself.

Once you have changed your thinking, your feelings, and your actions then you can change the world.

~Hayley Fox


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