A chain reaction for change

The prospect of change is frightening. Big or small, coming to terms with the concept is always difficult. But the rules Gandhi outlined for changing the world bring clarity to the various steps that encompass change. These rules show that change isn’t just some giant, complex event, but a result of several simple ideals.

While its the sixth rule on the list, the first and foremost rule, in my opinion, is that everyone is human. Change does not happen overnight. There will be bumps and bruises in the quest for change, and it is crucial that we remember that mistakes are a part of our everyday lives. With these mistakes comes the 7th rule: persistence.  Through all of our stumbles and falls its important that we continue to push forward. Success might not come quickly, but if we keep a positive mindset time no longer becomes a factor.

However, through every rule and suggestion Ghandi offers, the overarching theme is that we are in control of every decision and every action and the eventual change that comes from these choices. It is a domino reaction. We change ourselves, to change the opinions and attitudes, to change the world.

– Lauren Antilety


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