Beyond the Numbers

We are all students at James Madison University. We are all apart of different clubs, organizations, and  volunteer programs that contribute to the JMU community. What if someone said to you, “You are only one of the 25,000 students that make up this community, no one will remember that you went here, or what you did, or the impact you made”. How would you feel? Would you feel all the time and effort you put into your experiences here at JMU were a waste because you are only 1/25,000?

It’s difficult not to view yourself as insignificant when you are put in a statistic. When you are just a number, proportion, ratio, or any other mathematical value because there are many other individuals that are put in your category and you no longer feel important. However, you are significant because you are a human being. You feel emotions as well as make other feel things when they are around you. You can promote change and action while motivating others to do the same. And that is powerful.

This week, we read Gandhi’s Top Ten Rules for Changing the World  One of the most important things in the article stated that we are all human. Therefore, one of the important messages behind this idea is that everything sculpted or created by man is inevitably flawed because we are not perfect. So, if you are the 1/25,000 here that did not do the things you wanted to do, or become the person you want to be, you are free to start over. It is never too late to change the destiny that we create for ourselves. So instead of getting swallowed up by the mentality that one person cannot make a difference, try and remember the faces of those you have impacted, and remember that you have made a difference in the lives of others.

-Colleen Knell


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