Let’s Talk About Culture -___-

Take 30 seconds to check out this ad by Honeymaid that speaks to Islamophobia in America.

Disregarding the excessive product placements, I think this ad at it’s core sends a good message to people in America. Most of the time the only information we hear about a culture is through some sort of media, which has been known to distort reality and present false information. This week we had the opportunity to talk with two women who came to america about what it’s like raising a family in America. The conversation was honest, profound and beautiful. I got to learn about culture in Iraq and Africa, and how the challenges families face assimilating.

The one thing they stressed, was how impactful the little things are. Something as small as a wave, or a hello could make someone’s day. We often underestimate how much a little gesture like this can make a difference. It’s easy to put up a front and hold onto our preconceived notions about what someone is like based on how they dress, their religion, whatever you see on the outside. But if we can challenge ourselves to break this habit and speak to others with an open heart, I think we’ll find that we were wrong about a lot of things. It’s like the old saying goes never judge a book by it’s cover. But I wish they could add to the quote by saying …cause half the time what’s inside is never what you thought. People most of the time ROCK. You just gotta take the time to let them show you how awesome they are.


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