Why Love…

“the idea that we are so capable of love but still chose to be toxic” – Rupi Kaur

When we hear the word love, a multitude of thoughts can come to mind. None of which i-believe-in-the-power-of-lovenormally include the word genocide. With a basic level of understanding about genocide, it’s hard to relate the word love to such a mortifying idea. The quotation above is a snippet from a small book of poetry.I find it to be a sobering phrase  as I began formulating my thoughts after reading and digesting the reasoning behind genocide. I have come to a standpoint that leads me to question the human behavior that coincides with this issue.

The idea that humans are knowledgeable about being able to love others is spectacular in a weird but empowering way, but what is more terrifying is that, knowing this, human behavior sometimes causes us to defy loving others by deconstructing the well being of others. This lack of love only negatively contributes to what builds the beginnings of genocide. When humans dismiss the ability to love others, there are many counterparts that contribute to these downfalls of humanity.

For example, language has the ability to dehumanize and demonize victims. Though the simplicity of language, humans have the ability to play a large role in the laying the foundations of genocide. These stages appeal to human emotion and affect the process of which genocide will stand, especially when there is a lack of love. It is so important to remember the power of our words and the power of love as our emotions affect those around us. As we question what causes people to defy love, we can only answer our questions through continually spreading love to our fellow humans.




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