Do you know who this is?


I am sure we all know this is Donald Trump.

What about these two?


No? Neither do I. They are just from a google search of “refugees”.

Let’s take a deeper look into this…

When you think of fame, what do you think of?

Celebrities? People with lots of money? Power?

Well, what if fame was not about celebrities at all. Not about the money. Not about power. What if instead, we put fame on the people with ‘no names or identity’. With little to no money to their name. Fame was for the powerless.

What would that look like?

It could be possible. We have the opportunity.

We could be the ones to make the poor and powerless known. There are so many stories out there that need to be heard. This includes the refugees all around the world. Especially those in the camps, who are literally separated by boundaries such as barbed wire fencing.

We outsiders a lot of times forget that those refugees are also human beings. We distance ourselves from them when they are in these camps. We just put them in the label as ‘refugees’. Despite them having identities and names to them. We choose to turn our heads until we find ourselves secure. Even then we still struggle to want to help these people long term.

What can we do?

As stated earlier, we can bring about fame for refugees and those in need. We can take time to know their stories. Take action in being activists for them. Be their voice because they do not feel like they have one, or are treated as if they do.

We have the awesome opportunity to remind them and the world that they are human beings. That they too were created by a wonderful creator, and in His image. That we all are one and need to work together. That we want to know them, just as much as we want to know celebrities. Let’s help them see they are not alone through our actions.

Spread the word.

Let’s put fame to their names.



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