Erase Impossible


It seems daunting to try to take on even one issue in the world, but to be attentive and engaged in stimulating change on multiple issues seems almost impossible. How do we get past asking the questions:

How do advocate for something when there are so many things to advocate for?

And, how do we minimize the issues that get overlooked?

The other day I was sitting with my friend and I started talking about various issues in the world, from social issues and environmental crises, and how they are often overlapping. I turned to him and said, “How do we confront the issues of the world when there are so many?”

His response was, “the world is a shit show, but what can you do?”

I was saddened by his response and considered it. It is easy to fall into the gloom of a cynic. It’s like standing at the bottom of a ladder and looking up, the top of the ladder out of sight. Taking that first step up can be the hardest part, but it is going to be well worth the effort.

As a young advocate, I believe there is value in everything we do as long as we do something. The first step to creating change is bringing issues to the forefront where they will be seen. Once people are aware, they will want to engage. We live in an era of international interconnectedness. Social media creates an avenue for advocacy like no other. Sharing one article can reach a thousand people in a week. 



It may not be the large scale advocacy we all want to be involved in but perhaps just by raising awareness, we can inspire more people to engage in the issues of the world. Then together we can maximize the impact we have when we confront the world’s most impossible problems.




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