Be Kind.

When you turn on the news, what will you probably see a ton of?

Politics. Violence. Crimes. Fear. 

What do you see not too much of?

Acts of Kindness. Love.

That does not mean that the news never displays it, or that no one is committing acts of service and kindness. However, it is not as publicized or as known as all the “bad” news.

What would the world look like if we started focusing on the “good” news?  What if we all started to give to one another and show kindness through our actions. Would the world look drastically different? Would it look how it was originally created?

It’s Possible.

We can start small. Maybe with a family member or a neighbor. We can help pay for someone’s groceries, compliment someone, or even just by saying “hello”. These things seem like they do not do much, but they definitely can and will.

As we continue to do more and more kind things, we can start to show this kindness to our brothers and sisters around the world. We have the resources to help them, even if that is just our voice. South Sudan is facing conflict with (northern) Sudan. While the Central African Republic is in need of support because of ongoing violence, which began in 2013.

These on top of so many more. Within the United States and out, we have the choice to make the world better by using kindness. Showing LOVE.

Take it from Kid President, “YOU can change the world”.



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