Now What…

Well we are back in Virginia… about a week after our trip to Phoenix, Arizona, where we met with Refugee families and helped welcome them to America. What an incredible opportunity and blessing to have been able to meet with such strong families from all around the world. Last week was one of the most enlightening and sobering experiences of my life.

After hearing those families speak of such heart wrenching experiences, transitioning back to my normal life has been a little difficult. While I was able to sit with them and feel so much pain with them for a couple hours, now I am back to my daily life where I am blessed to have many opportunities and blessings.  It’s definitely a sobering experience, realizing that I can escape the struggles that they live day after day. Initially it was really difficult for me to come to terms with this.It was even harder thinking about the fact that the only difference between my family and these refugee families, is that we were born in different areas of the world.

After having a little while to reflect on our experience, I was able to learn about myself, those around me, and how to be a more understanding, and grateful person. But more importantly, I was able to understand and appreciate the positives of our trip. With feeling so much emotion and connection to these refugees, I feel more empowered to advocate even deeper than before this experience. Although everyone in the world isn’t able to have the same experience as our class did, we have the power to share our lessons and emotions with others. We have so much power in our hands; I have hopes that our class will be able to spread love. While I’ve always tried to do this even before our trip, after our trip I feel so much more empowered to do so.

What’s next?

Making my experience in Arizona worth it by spreading knowledge, love and understanding regarding the issues that refugees are faced with.



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