Maybe next week;

We live in a generation where we compete over being busy. We feel the need to pack our days with events and obligations to validate ourselves in society.

In order to grow and move higher in life, we create a hierarchy of being busy.

For example, if we have two college students; one is an athlete, involved in organizations, and manages to study for their classes. Another isn’t involved and just focuses on managing to study for their classes as well.

If you were asked who would be the college student that ends up being the most successful, most would say the college student is who involved and balancing school. But, being busy doesn’t guarantee you this success.

We live in this society where we weigh everything we do like this. The busier you are, the more successful you’ll be. We do this so much that when we aren’t moving around doing something, we start to question ourselves so much that we compare ourselves to others and their schedules.

This is something I struggled with the most: THE ART OF BEING BUSY. I believed that when I’m busy, it means I’m doing something with my life and If I’m not, I’m doing something wrong.

But when I thought about it more: Am I doing something with my life or am I letting it pass me by?

When friends or even family text me and ask to go get coffee or lunch, I always use the same excuse; maybe next week, I’m so busy today.

We start to prioritize work over friends. and then when next week comes, we use the same excuse again. It’s a cycle that never ends, we keep being so busy that we fail to realize that our life is ticking away and we aren’t valuing it the way we should.

Our society has made us think that in order to live a fulfilled and successful life, we have to be busy. But what about the walks in the park, the exploring, or finding new hobbies?

Life is supposed to be a unique journey but we have made it a routine competition with the ones we love but never see.

If we keep waiting, there might not be the next week.

We have to stop comparing being busy to being successful, we have to realize sitting and observing is okay than moving and working, we have to learn how to separate work and home.

And if we can do this, we really master and find the value in life.




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