Understanding White Privilege as a minority

This week, we were assigned four readings on the topic of white privilege. As a minority, I thought that I would understand the “privileges” that white people have and how they give them advantages over me. However, I honestly felt that I connected more with the advantages and views of white people. Upon some reflection, I think this has to do with the fact that for the most part, I’m treated in a similar fashion to white people. For one thing, I never feel discriminated against because of my race, though I see it happening to others of my family. For another, I think this has to do with how one speaks. Without going into much detail, there is an accent in American English that is “white” and is seen to be superior—had by those with a good education. Unlike my mom and brother, I have this accent—probably because all of my elementary teachers were white and I learnt English at such a young age. That said though, I thought the readings on white privilege were extremely enlightening to me in a personal way because they allowed me to see some of the biases that I personally hold, which are also held by white people.


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