You have to start Somewhere

If you’re like me when you heard the word refugees, you immediately thought about little kids who came here from different areas or countries. You knew that being a refugee meant that they had to flee something, but you never took the time to go to the next level to find out what they were fleeing.

You never thought to think of the reasons they had to leave or why they were forced to leave. If you heard the term Genocide, you thought about Hitler but nothing more. You knew that time was over and brutal killings like that didn’t happen anymore.

Until you thought about what it really means to be educated about something.

educated : having an education; especially: having an education beyond the average.”

If you’re not really educated about something until you have an education beyond the average, is thinking of the term, refugee and only thinking of children, make you really educated?

What about the parents, what about the situations, what about their stories? If you’re asking all of these what ifs, do you think you know more than the average about refugees?

If you find yourself to be this person: it’s okay.

It’s okay to be average or even lower than average because you have to start somewhere.

The first step in learning something is identifying where you are in order to grow to help expand your knowledge.


You have to take a step back and find out what is it you need to know and what it is you don’t know. You have to go beyond the surface and find out what’s deeper than that.

You have to start researching and finding sources from everywhere to learn about all of the different theories and ideologies.

You have to find these different resources to come up with your own opinion.

You have to go beyond just reading an article by finding ways to apply it.

You have to start thinking outside of your box and map by placing yourself somewhere else.

el·e·vat·ed: situated or placed higher than the surrounding area.”

And once you start asking these what if’s and digging into the deeper meaning, you become elevated. Something that’s higher than the average.

You start to find things you would’ve never imagined. 


Just like the fact that, 65.5 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide and if you were me a few months ago, I wouldn’t have guessed close to that number.

But it’s okay because you have to start somewhere, to go somewhere.



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