Little Acts, Big Impacts

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” -Dalai Lama


When you hear stories in the news of all the tragedy, misconduct, and disruption, how do you react? Do you believe this world is falling apart and succumb the evil around you? Or do you try to go out there and make a difference? If you want to make a difference, I applaud you. That’s the first step. And it’s a lot easier than you think.

A small act of kindness…what is it? It’s an act of compassion; a selfless act. It’s putting someone before yourself. It’s going out of your way to help someone, to be there for someone, to cheer someone up.

Quite often it’s those who have nothing and have nobody that need these the most. Immigrants. Homeless. Refugees. They need someone to believe in them when the world refuses to.

It’s the small acts of kindness that led to brave individuals hiding Jews in their home while Nazi’s raided. It’s creating shelters for refugees escaping genocide in Myanmar. It’s doing the right thing because you want to help, give kindness, being brave, and sticking up for the oppressed. It’s these acts that change the world.


I encourage you to do something truly kind for someone else. Pay for someone’s drink behind you at Starbucks, volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about, write a thank-you card, actually stop and talk to that stranger you sit next to on the bus.

You truly never know what someone has been though, is going through, nor where their life will go. If you can give your kindness to someone else for just a small second, it can change their day, their week, their year. If you practice one simple small act of kindness every day, you are not only making someone feel valued and loved, but also open up your eyes to the truly positive people, things, and experiences in this world.

-Kristin Taylor


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