Where Do We Start?

Nowadays, it seems like the world is falling apart. Conflict here, conflict there, something bad is happening somewhere right now as I am typing this. There is a lot of negativity now, and the media sheds a light on most of it. This can be considered good or bad, depending on your views of the media. Even though, it seems like we are living in a bad time, coincidentally, this is the safest time for anybody to live in. Death rates have decreased, and life expectancy have increased. During the Civil War, World War I and II, millions of lives were taken away. But thanks to modern medicine, international organizations, and better sanitation and health care, people in the United States are living longer than their ancestors. We can’t be the person that invented modern medicine, or started international organizations or improved health and sanitation (maybe you can, who knows?), but that does not mean you cannot make a difference in the world.


Image result for trend in death rates united states since world war oneImage result for life expectancy in us

In a world of negativity, conflict and different views and perspectives, where do we start? Or where should we start? The answer is simple, start small. Be present and start with where you are now. If you cannot even help yourself or the people around you, it is very unlikely that you are going to help anyone else. First, write a letter of appreciation to someone, anyone, it can be your neighbor, your best friend or a stranger. It is the little things.

The other day our professor sent our class on a “mission”. We did not attend class that day, but rather we all met outside of class with an envelope that had instructions for our so called “mission”. Inside the envelope it read this:


We were in absolute shock when we pulled out the instructions and $100! We called Second Home, a childcare center for low-income families, and we asked them what supplies they needed there and if we could pay for services for some of the kids there. The person on the phone said that the kids needed books, supplies and toys and that we were able to pay for services as well. After we heard the news, we decided to head to the store to get the supplies. It was a great feeling to shop for someone other than yourself. We picked out books left and right, and all of us were very excited. We arrived at Second Home, dropped off the items and gave them the rest of they money and we were well on our way.

All of us felt great, but I knew all of us were thinking, what do we do now? Well… we headed home and the rest was history. This experience will stick with me for a lifetime, thank you Aaron for providing this wonderful opportunity to make an impact on the community. Within that time span, we were present. And it was the little things.


— P.S.


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