Big or Small: it matters.

Sometimes, we live in a society where we think we can’t help someone if it doesn’t solve all of their problems.

We might see someone asking for money on the street and we’ll say “I only have 2 dollars, you can’t do anything with that.

We think that if it doesn’t solve your biggest problems, it won’t solve your smallest problems. That it’s no point and it won’t matter. We as a society, focus on the bigger picture instead of the smaller picture and the smaller impacts it might make.

We forget that the little things matter. The little things, like holding a door, picking up trash, giving someone a dollar all matter. These little things are what help build and get to the bigger things. They create the system to start making the change. 

Think about it, if we pick up one piece of trash every day, that’s one less piece of trash that will be there tomorrow.

We think because it’s only one piece of trash, out of one million pieces of trash, that it’s worthless and won’t help. But it actually helps long term to get to this bigger polluted free environment.

Two weeks ago, we read an article called “Small Acts of Kindness” and last week, our professor surprised us with a challenge that we couldn’t imagine. 


We were given one hundred dollars and were told to go spend it on something, someone, or a place who needed it.

Like most individuals, we all had a collective dilemma. We all wanted the same outcome which was to make someone happy by giving back but we didn’t know how to achieve that. We had so many ideas and just didn’t know where to start.

We finally agreed on giving back to one agency with the purpose that anything helps. 

We decided to buy new supplies and things the agency needed and we also helped pay forward five students tuition for the week.


At first, we felt like that wasn’t enough. We wanted more toys and another way to help students pay for their tuition but we finally realized: it is enough.

We beat ourselves up and believed that if we didn’t fix or solve something then it’s not good enough.

But it is good enough. Anything big or small helps and if you keep helping in ways like volunteering and spreading the word, like being advocates for this agency, long-term it is enough.

We can’t always fix or solve everything but we can help even with the smallest acts of kindness.

No matter how big or small, it all matters.



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