Rebuilding Hope

Introspection of our own country and others’ is imperative. It takes constant critique and intentional activism to prevent the stripping of human dignity. Ben Voth addresses discursive complexity in his article, Argumentation and the International Problem of Genocide, noting the benefits it has for society. Discursive complexity represents a moral point of view that values critical thinking. By looking at situations from multiple perspectives, violence can be eliminated. After learning more about the war in Syria, I feel like the issue was blown up into something bigger than it initially was. Miscommunication and differing ulterior motives of countries involved are two major reasons for it getting out of hand.

How much longer will this go on? How many more lives will be lost? If we were to turn back history, is there anything we could have done better to end this sooner? How can we support those still in Syria and refugees who have fled? I am tired of politics getting in the way when there are lives on the line. I’ve realized that after researching more about the Syrian crisis, I am left with more questions now than I had coming in, which is super frustrating. However, I think that questioning the situation creates a space for critical thinking and reflection to enter.

I think that one of the only ways to combat this situation is to find hope, stay rooted in hope, and to bring hope to others. The song “Family X” by John Lucas speaks to this, revealing how we can hold on to true hope in these dark situations. We are called to be bearers of light in the darkest of places. By no means are we supposed to just enter in and force our ways upon people, but I think we have an opportunity to serve our neighbors, supporting them through listening and growing awareness. Loving our neighbors, whether they are near or far, takes effort and intentionality.

Link to the song Family X:



-Megan Essex


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