Small Acts, Big Difference

I had no idea what to expect when our class met to finally open the envelope we were given in secrecy. I had a few suspicions. Perhaps we would go on a scavenger hunt, or maybe all complete an activity together to help us bond as a class. I never expected to have $100 cash fall out of that envelope; nor did I expect for us to be given the task of deciding what to do with the generous sum.

After staring at the letter and cash with our jaws dropped for a few moments, we immediately jumped into action, each of us throwing out ideas about how we could use the money within the community. I was surprised to see how many organizations the eleven of us came up with that could use the funds. We debated for a few minutes before deciding on Second Home, an after school program for elementary and middle school children who come from low income homes. We then threw out ideas on how to use the money to serve them. Tyler had to stop us and remind us of a reading we had just discussed in class that spoke about how we should ask organizations how we can help instead of just assuming. Looking back now, I am amazed at how easy it was to get carried away in assuming that we know what is best for others. If we hadn’t have called, we never would have known that they needed the books and school supplies that we were able to purchase.

After buying the supplies and delivering them, we all stood outside of the building and just talked for a few minutes about how much fun we had completing the task we were “assigned.” It is crazy to me that eleven (kind of) strangers bonded over serving total strangers. I could not think of a better way to bring our class together; nor can I think of a more memorable experience. The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference in the lives of those we may not expect, including ourselves.




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