Giving voice to the silenced

“Only a political place and a political speech can return those who are nameless and voiceless in our common world.” At first glance, this quote really fired me up; however, once I wrote it down and decided to expand on it, I realized that I am not entirely sure what it meant. What exactly is considered a “political place?” How do we decide what can stand for one?

My personal belief is that our country stands as one of the most powerful political places in the world. Now if that is the truth, this quote is saying that we are a country that has the power to return the identity of the nameless and voiceless. But how do we do that?

This course has made me painfully aware of how passionate I am about advocating for the marginalized, but also has made me aware of how much I am painfully UNaware of. I am the most ignorant person I know. I am passionate about topics I know little about and have opinions about things I have no facts on. This course has showed me how detrimental that can be.

I’m not exactly where this blog post is going… I blame that partially on the snow day, but mostly on my overwhelmed brain. Half of me is feeling guilty because I feel that the refugee issue is too large to fix and the other half is frustrated that I am thinking that way. I usually am one to jump into wanting to do all I can to help; however, this course is showing me that there really is not a whole lot that I can do… at least not yet.

All I know is that this course has given me a new responsibility. We, as a society need to continue to learn. We need to continue to break down the invisible walls that have been set in place to block us from our ignorance. We need to be talking; about anything and everything. We need to do all that we can to deliver a voice to those who have been silenced and give hope to those who are in the midst of an identity crisis.




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