Inaction calls for action

For the past few weeks, we’ve seen how high school survivors of the Parkland school shooting have come together to make a movement. High school aged teens are showing that they have a voice and are using it to change the nation. We have seen how if you have enough passion, dedication, bravery, and determination then you can accomplish anything. I commend these survivors for standing up to a system that they don’t agree with and taking action.

For decades, refugees around the world have been suffering every single day. Their camps, which were once thought to be temporary, have now become a permanent reality for some as they continue to grow their family and create a new home there. People go through extreme suffering 24/7 in other countries and while we may be aware of this, we don’t do much. Maybe it’s because we, as citizens, aren’t completely educated on the actual severity of the issue. However, those who are thoroughly informed, such as government officials, don’t do much either. Why is this? Why did it take yet another school shooting for people to listen to the survivors? Will it take another genocide full of mass extinction to wake people up? Why is no one doing anything?

Like the Parkland school shooting survivors, many of us can understand the frustration in how things are ran in our world. The inaction by those in power is unfathomable. As stated in an article by Amnesty International in which they list 8 simple ways to help the refugee crisis:

“None of these eight solutions are impossible to achieve, if politicians listen to the millions of people saying ‘refugees welcome’, and put solidarity and compassion above petty wrangling over who should host a few thousand refugees”

It has come to the point where it seems as if those in power are not using their authority to protect basic human rights. And if this is the case, then inaction by those in power calls for action by those who aren’t in power. Here are five ways that you can make a difference in the Refugee crisis:

  1. Donate Money
  2.  Volunteer your time and help refugees in your area
  3. Make your voice heard
  4. Donate other supplies
  5. Volunteer your home

And out of all of these, number three is one of the most important. As we have seen from the Parkland school shooting survivors, our voices can be loud and can move mountains if we use them. Use your voice to take action, and refuse to let the inaction of those in power deter you.

-Kate Keeley


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