Final Thoughts

As I conclude my final blog post, I was trying to think of the most important lessons I’ve learned while studying the vast and intense issues of Genocide and Human Refugee Advocacy. To be honest, if I were to list the amount of lessons I’ve learned, this blog post would be twelve pages long. I’ll save you the scrolling and sum it up to one statement I believe everyone needs to know, live by, and push for. Knowledge is power.

Even as a University student who was forced to take a wide-range of general education courses, I found myself still stuck in my bubble. I was choosing what I wanted to read about people I wanted to read about. I chose to tune out the bad and read only surface-level news. I was only paying attention to stories and information that applied to me. Why? Because it was easier.

What I’ve learned is that not everything easy is good. In order to better yourself, your mind, those around you, the world, you must constantly be challenging yourself. Pay attention to those stories that make you uncomfortable. Figure out why they make you uncomfortable. There’s a reason. Read about tragedies going on in other countries. It’ll motivate you to actually do something.

In a world where we can pick and chose what we want to pay attention to and read, it’s easy to ignore important news. But what I’ve realized is the more you read, the more informed you are, the more of a better person you become. The statement “knowledge is power” I’m referring to does not apply to power that controls people, but rather power that enlightens oneself and others.

For me, paying attention to the genocide and human refugee crisis allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and gain knowledge I probably never would had if I stayed inside my bubble. It’s made me a more passionate person. I feel like I am obligated to make a difference now.

It’s time to gain our individual power and learn something new every day that makes you sad, uncomfortable, or passionate. Find what it is, and study it. You’ll be amazed.



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